Making your home appealing is no easy task. The condition of your flooring is one of the main things a person will notice when entering your residence. Over 51% of the homes in the United States have carpeting on their floors. While carpeting is affordable and appealing, it also requires maintenance to stay looking its best. Ignoring the need for this maintenance can result in your carpeting looking old and damaged. 

Newcomers to the world of carpeting generally make mistakes when dealing with spills and stains. Consistently making these types of mistakes can result in your home carpeting needing to be replaced. Check out these common carpet cleaning and maintenance mistakes you should try to avoid below. 

Improperly Using Deodorizing Powder

Keeping a home looking and smelling great requires a lot of time and effort. Homes that have dogs or children may start to have a foul odor is the carpet is not cleaned and deodorized properly. One of the easiest ways to give your carpeting a boost of fragrance is deodorizing powder. While these powders can be helpful, they are no substitute for actual cleaning. 

The longer you use this powder and ignore a professional cleaning, the more gunky build-up you will have in your carpet. This is why finding experienced professionals to clean your carpets is a must. They will have the machinery and the time needed to complete this process quickly and correctly. 

Using Too Much Force to Scrub a Stain

Dealing with stains is something you have to become accustomed to if your home has mostly carpet throughout. Spilling liquids or dropping foods on the carpet can leave stains behind. There is a right and wrong way to remove these stains from your carpet. Regardless of what solution you use to clean the stain, you need to apply a bit of pressure when scrubbing it. However, you need to avoid using too much force or pressure because it may damage your carpet. 

The harder you scrub a cleaning solution into your carpet, the harder it will be to avoid damage to the fibers. If you are unsure about how to properly remove stains from your carpet, it is best to let professionals handle it. 

DIY Carpet Cleaning Can Create Problems

Most homeowners revel in the fact that they can handle the repair and maintenance of their residence needs on their own. While a DIY-mentality can have its advantages, it can also lead to a homeowner making mistakes. When it comes to cleaning the carpets in your home, you need to work with professionals. Trying to handle the carpet cleaning process with low-grade equipment and no experience can create lots of problems. Researching the carpet cleaning professionals in your area is the only way to ensure the right one is hired. 

Make Your Carpet Look New Again

Are you trying to restore the appeal your carpet has lost? If so, contact Jacobson’s Carpet Cleaning and let us help you accomplish this goal. 

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