“If I have a problem who do I contact?” We strive for excellence here at Jacobson’s Carpet Cleaning and your satisfaction is our top priority. If you happen to have a problem or something dissatisfies you during our time in your home, please call our home office at 320.251.5174. We assure you that we will do what it takes to leave you with a positive end result.

“Do you move furniture?” When we are in your home cleaning your floors, we do have the ability to move basic furniture such as sofas, tables, chairs and love seats, we do NOT move larger items. Heavy or valued pieces like beds, hutches and china cabinets are things we cannot move- we are not professional movers and do not have the proper equipment to ensure that we can move things like that without damaging them- we are only there to clean.

“Will my carpets be dry once your finished?” When we finish our job at your home, you may notice that your carpets still hold a light amount of moisture- this is 100% normal. However, we do use air movers so that they will dry faster than without them. Also remember, some areas may take a little longer if we have had to do multiple runs on high traffic areas- we want to leave your carpet the best possible condition. Our specialists will however leave a few pairs of booties for your and your loved ones to wear around the house until the carpet has finished drying entirely.

“Will my carpets get dirty quicker/sooner after you clean them?” Not at all. We go through a rigorous cleaning process, taking our time to pay attention to detail. We go through a two process clean, which means we clean it twice and dry it twice for maximum coverage. Some high traffic areas may require extra attention, so we may clean them more than the standard two runs. We use a entirely safe, non-toxic special rinse product that ensures the longevity of your cleaning. Once we reach the drying processes, we use air blowers to help dry faster and deeper into the carpets. When we wrap up, we do leave booties for you and your loved ones to wear in the event that light moisture still remains on the carpets. Our customers are our main priority, which is why we offer you a guarantee of 100% satisfaction and if anything at all wakes back up after our cleaning, we will come back to you and clean it at no cost at all to you.

“Can I walk on it after it’s clean?” After Jacobson’s Carpet Cleaning leaves your home once we’ve completed our cleaning job, we will provide you and your loved ones booties to walk around in while the carpet is still drying. This is completely fine and will bear no affect on the carpets. Drying time varies depending on carpet types. Approximately 4-6 hours is average drying time.

“How often should I vacuum my carpets?” At least once a week you should vacuum to offset dust mites, to prevent matting (depending on what vacuum you use), and just pick up loose dirt and soil that accumulates from daily traffic and use.

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