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Focus On Key Areas When Putting Your Home On The Market

Putting your home on the market for sale can be both exciting and overwhelming. When you consider all that you need to do to get your home ready for viewing, the list of projects can quickly add up. Rather than spend countless hours and dollars on extensive and exhaustive repairs and upgrades to your home, focus on a few key areas that will give you the most significant return on your investment.

Focus on key areas when putting your home on the market


Curb appeal is a leading factor in homes selling quickly and for top dollar. Many potential home buyers will decide in a split second if they want to see a home based on its curb appeal. Many potential buyers assume that your home is uncared for as your landscaping if you have overgrown flowerbeds, shrubs, and lawns. Keeping grass mowed, flower beds weeded, and shrubs and trees trimmed will increase your chances of getting buyers inside the front door and signing on the dotted line.

Interior Design

Many homes are stuck in another era, and at the very least, stuck in a personalized design that may not be appealing to potential buyers. Removing your furnishings and personal belongings can help give the blank slate that buyers need to envision their lives in the space. Stray away from making significant renovations as they can quickly add up in costs that won’t be recouped in a sale. Instead, a fresh coat of paint in your interior rooms can instantly brighten and freshen up the space, giving it an updated feel.

Carpet Cleaning

Flooring is a top factor in many potential buyers’ decision making. The costs of replacing old or stained carpet and flooring can prove to be a more significant endeavor than many homeowners to embark on. Dingey carpets can have a musky smell that creates an unwelcome feel in the home, not to mention that unsightly stains can prove troublesome. Having your carpet professionally cleaned by Jacobson’s Carpet Cleaning will give your home it’s the best chance at selling for asking price. When potential buyers can feel comfortable in a clean and fresh home, they are more willing to offer. 


Staging your home can help you create an updated version of its potential for another family to enjoy. A few new, strategically placed furnishings can give buyers an idea of how their pieced may fit within the spaces. While removing your personal items is essential to create a blank canvas feel, removing all furnishings can make it difficult for buyers to see how rooms could be set up, making it less likely that they respond positively. Staging rooms can increase your home’s sale potential so much that many realtors offer this service as part of their sale strategies. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you plan to put your home on the market for sale, focusing on key areas can give you a more significant return on your investment.