Helpful Tips for Removing Pet Odor from Your Carpet


Helpful Tips for Removing Pet Odor from Your Carpet

Do you have pets? If so, there’s a good chance they bring love and light to your life. While this is true, pets can also be messy. They can have accidents, smell bad, and create other smelly issues in your home and carpet. When this happens, there is likely one thing on your mind – getting rid of the odors – once and for all. 

If you find yourself in this position, you’re in luck. You can use the tips and information here to help eliminate pet odors from your carpet.

Clean Up the Affected Area Immediately 

If you notice a stain that is fresh and still wet, lay paper towels or newspaper over the spot, try to soak up as much of the urine as you can. If the odor lingers, the bacteria that is left behind will continue to breed, which will only cause the odor to intensify as time passes

Don’t Use a Steam Cleaner

While it may be tempting to use a portable steam cleaner to tackle the stain that Fido has made, this isn’t a smart move. It is a good idea to leave your steam cleaner in your closet because it may wind up doing more harm than good. While a steam cleaner can be beneficial for some stains, they should not be confused with the deep, advanced cleaning methods that professionals offer. 

Animal urine is full of proteins. The heat created by steam cleaners may bond these proteins permanently to the fibers of your carpet. If this happens, your problems will have gotten bigger. If you made this mistake – stop everything. Call in the professionals for help. 

Use Baking Soda 

If there is a wet spot that may have occurred earlier in the day, sprinkle over the are using baking soda and allow it to sit and soak in overnight. In the morning, you can vacuum over the area. Baking soda is considered a natural and safe substance that won’t be dangerous to your pets, but that can also help eliminate the odors that may occur. 

Use Vinegar 

Another natural way to eliminate pet odors due to accidents is with vinegar. You can spray white vinegar on the affected carpet and let it sit on your carpet for about five minutes. After that, blot the area until it is dry. The vinegar that is inside of your carpeting is going to remain for a month or two, which will help to fight off any other bacteria growth due to your pet’s accident. 

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

There are some who claim that hydrogen peroxide works well for taking care of pet stains. Just spray the affected area and let it sit for about 15 minutes. You will probably see some bubbling – after all, this is how hydrogen peroxide cleans. 

While the methods here may help with pet stains and odors, there is no guarantee. If you want to ensure the stain, odor, and mess is eliminated and gone for good, contact the professionals

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