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Less Invasive Carpet, Upholstery and Restoration Work

What’s one of the major values of going with a top-tier carpet and upholstery cleaning company or restoration service?

Maybe you’ve already covered the price and the scope of the project, and you’re wondering what’s better about some firms compared to others.

We build our service on a model of less intrusive delivery. That has meant a lot to our customers over time, and when you think about it, it really is a big value in having an outside firm come to your property to improve it.

Another way to say this is that minimal intrusion preserves your overall investment in your property, while you get the fixes and improvements that you want.

Here’s how we work to provide you that value.

Less invasive carpet upholstery and restoration work

Truck-Mounted Equipment

All of our cleaning equipment is installed in our vehicles, so that it does not come into your home. Only the hoses are deployed inside the building, and that means that you don’t get the scuffing and other forms of wear that come with moving large equipment inside.

We Bring the Water

Some firms rely on on-site customer water in order to do their work. We think this is an inferior way to serve customers, for two reasons. First, it’s using their water and upping their utility bills. Secondly, though, there’s more opportunity for that kind of wear and stress on interior systems like faucets.

Good Planning

Along with the above service details, we help customers to plan the best schedule and the best way to get the job done. If you’ve ever seen a firm come in and just sling equipment around haphazardly, you realize how valuable this type of planning can be. Maybe you’re trying to use some other part of the house as you’re getting the carpets or upholstery done somewhere else in the building. In this case, you need specific attention to the job itself and how it gets done. We get that, and we accommodate it. That’s something that sets us apart, along with our quality Bane-Clene processes that ensure great results. 

We’re also always vetting our staff very thoroughly because we know that it’s frustrating when people come to your home and make themselves at home in inappropriate ways. Our people aren’t there to ‘hang out’ – they’re there to get the job done and leave. That benefits us and you, and while we’re supremely dedicated to doing the job thoroughly, we’re also dedicated to not having a bunch of downtime in your living room.

Let Jacobson’s Carpet Cleaning give your home or business the clean that it deserves!