Pet Odor Treatment

If you own pets, we are certain you’ve experienced at least 1 pet accident on your carpets at home. Our in-depth urine removal process will ensure that the salts are removed and the odor is eliminate. You can read more below to see how our process works.

Step 01


We accompany you and use our UV light to identify all the urine stains.

Step 02

Apply Enzyme

We apply our eco-friendly enzyme which is designed to eat the bacteria, break down the urine salts and remove the odors and stains.

Step 03

Subsurface Extraction

This step is only necessary if the urine stains have gone into the pad and sub-floor. In this case we would saturate the entire area with product and use our subsurface extraction tool to flush out the pad.

Step 04

Rinse & Extract

We use our truck mount with a wand to extract all the urine salts and cleaning product out.

Step 05

Post Treatment

For this step, we apply an odor control product to leave the room smelling fresh and to prevent the reappearance of stains or wick back.

Step 06

Speed Dry & Final Inspection

We set out our commercial air movers to speed up drying and do one final walk through with you to show you that they have been removed.

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