Upholstery Cleaning

Don’t skip out on maintaining your furniture. You probably paid a lot of money for it so make sure you take care of it. It’s recommended to clean all your furniture at least 1x per year. In some cases, it can be more if you experience heavy duty use. See our process below and learn how we clean your upholstery.

Step 01


The type of fabric is determined in order to use the right tools to effectively clean.

Step 02

Apply Cleaning Solution

Here we apply an eco-friendly product that will help break down and dissolve oils, stains and spots.

Step 03


We use an assortment of brushes depending on the type of fibers to work the product in while we take special care not to cause any damage.

Step 04


Our upholstery tool attachment is connected to our truck mount and used in order to thoroughly rinse and extract the dirt and soil.

Step 05

Grooming & Dry

We then set out our air movers to speed dry and use a hand brush made from horse hair to groom the upholstery.

Step 06

Final Inspection

We do one final walk through with you to show you that they have been removed.

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